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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Understanding Smiling Depression

Understanding & Overcoming Smiling Depression


When you think of depression, what comes to mind? You probably envision someone who is extremely sad, lethargic, pessimistic, and has possibly isolated themselves from friends and family. Although these are some of the most classic symptoms of depression, how depression presents itself can vary dramatically from person to person. 

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, but if it’s something you’re dealing with, you might feel as though you are all alone in your struggles. That’s because many people live with depression every day while appearing to be perfectly happy. Oftentimes, they are people who seem to have it all — the successful job, the happy family, but inside, they are wrestling with feelings of helplessness, sadness, and guilt.

If this sounds familiar to you, you should know that you’re not alone — so many people struggle to maintain a happy facade all while suffering from depression that it has now become known as smiling depression. Fortunately, psychotherapy is extremely effective in helping to relieve or eliminate depressive symptoms. Getting help is so important. If you’re interested in learning more or are looking for depression treatment in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, we encourage you to contact Blair Wellness Group.     

A Closer Look at Smiling Depression


Someone who has smiling depression often experiences many of the same symptoms as a person who has classic depression. They may feel profound sadness, hopelessness, and have a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed. However, the difference between classic depression and smiling depression is that a person with smiling depression will experience all of these difficult feelings while still seeming to be happy to others. They may pursue a very active personal and professional life and can even appear to be downright cheerful and optimistic. 

Unfortunately, living this way is not only difficult, but it’s also completely draining. Over time, symptoms can get worse, additional health issues may arise, and people can turn to maladaptive coping mechanisms such as drugs or alcohol.       

Reasons For Hiding Depression

It’s common for people with depression to hide what they’re going through, but for those who are dealing with smiling depression, keeping struggles private so they can maintain their normal, happy, and productive appearance is of the utmost importance. The reason why this is so important will vary from person to person. Some people are embarrassed to let others know they have depression because they may feel as though something is wrong with them. Or, they may feel ashamed that they can’t handle difficulties on their own. 

Other people are concerned about what would happen if they let their employer or a loved one know about their depression. Would their ability to perform their job be questioned? Would a partner decide they didn’t want to be with them anymore because they think they have a mental illness? Men in particular can have a difficult time discussing mental health.   

These are just a couple of the reasons why people feel the need to hide their depression. Other reasons may include being in denial or having perfectionist tendencies. Whatever the reason, it’s important to realize that depression is a very serious mental health concern that, left untreated, could get worse and lead to serious consequences.

Call Blair Wellness Group for Depression Treatment in Los Angeles

If you’re suffering from depression and inner turmoil that’s making it difficult to live a happy life, depression treatment can help. Contact Blair Wellness Group to schedule an appointment with an experienced, licensed clinical psychologist. We welcome clients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Century City, Irvine, Newport, Bel Air, Orange County, and the surrounding areas. Call 310-999-4996 for a consultation.



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