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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

knowing your self worth
To Thine Own Self Be True: The Importance of Self Worth in Relationships

Do you see yourself as someone who’s not worthy of the love you receive?

Having doubts about whether you deserve what you are getting is a telltale sign you don’t know your self-worth. We all deserve happiness in our life but believing you’re not worth much can lead to the normalization of what others may perceive to be toxic in a relationship.

For example, you may insist insults thrown at you by hateful people carry the truth and you may not realize you’re in a co-dependent relationship. You can avoid these horrible things by knowing your self worth. However, some don’t bother exploring themselves because they think it isn’t important to do a little soul searching.

Today, we’re here to help you realize the importance of knowing one’s self-worth. By doing so, you can help yourself set up healthy boundaries in your relationship. Improve yourself by knowing your worth now.

1. You Learn How Much Love You Deserve to Receive

While you’re in a relationship, people will show you what their definition of love. That’s all well and good but it’s important you have your own definition of how love should be. Doing this is the first step of knowing your self worth.

Knowing how much you’re worth begins by knowing what love is. A lot of people in co-dependent relationships often have a distorted perception of love. This is because they’ve only experienced the worst kinds of love before.

To help you realize how much love you deserve, take a step back and reflect on your partner’s actions. Do they show kindness or do they instill fear when you think about it? If this prompts the latter, then you may need to rethink their “love” for you.

Think of how you would like people to treat you. Think of things that will make you happy and make that your standard for love. Once you’ve set a standard, you’ll also start to build your self-worth.

2. Your Partner and Other People Start to Treat You Better

Learning what you’re worth is important for one reason, having people treat you better. Knowing what you’re worth triggers a big change in you, it sets the standard for how you treat yourself. This then branches off and does indirect changes on how people treat you too.

This is because once you set a standard, you won’t tolerate anything less than that standard. This will prompt you to cut off anything you deem to be a negative treatment of you. Over time, this leaves you surrounded by people who treat you the way you want to get treated.

People will also see the change and will respond according to how they see you. This means this is a good opportunity to know which people to keep close and which ones you should be wary of. You can see these by how they respond to the positive change you’ve had in your life.

3. You Can Shut Down Codependency Before It Takes Over

In a relationship, your self-worth can save you from getting trapped in a co-dependent relationship. This is because knowing how to treat yourself also helps boost your self-compassion. Many people mistake self-compassion to be the same as self-worth.

When you have self-compassion, you begin feeling sorry for yourself for what you’ve been through. This is a key trait you begin to develop once you identify your self-worth. With the help of self-compassion, you will start to stand up for yourself for the emotional abuse you’ve gone through throughout the years you’ve experienced it.

This helps you end codependency and it encourages a fair relationship. This will have you be on the lookout for toxic relationship signs and signs of abuse, too.

4. You Stop Caring About Rumors and Gossip

Whether it’s your partner or other people we’re talking about, it crushes us when they say something negative about us. When you know your self-worth though, you learn how to brush off blatant lies and insults.

This is possible through the development and improvement of your recovery time. This is what allows people to bounce back in an instant after they’ve heard an insult. Top psychologists say this is a natural response of the mind if a person’s self-esteem is high enough.

Also, you find yourself caring less about what people say about you. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, this is a beneficial trait for you to develop. This is because it helps you focus on the one voice that matters, your own opinion of yourself.

5. You Find Yourself Being Positive More Often

This is another effect of you getting to know your worth. Knowing what you deserve often leads you to seek out that which brings you fulfillment. In other cases, it compels you to go out and better yourself in different ways.

Both these cases lead to an increase in your self-confidence. Being more confident makes it so you have a better outlook on life. This leads to a lifestyle where you always look for ways to boost your self-confidence.

6. You Start Leading a Healthier Lifestyle

Not knowing how much you’re worth often leads to abusive relationships. Abusive relationships then lead to unhealthy habits. For the most part, these habits happen because they’re considered as an escape for the abused.

A life of alcohol, drugs, and other vices are the fruits of these relationships. These also don’t help you as they further enforce the notion that you’re helpless on your own.

Realizing your self-worth is the best way for you to prevent this from happening to you.

7. You Begin to Treat Others Better

Once you learn to appreciate yourself, you’ll appreciate what your partner does for you, too. This is, again, because of the standards you’ve set for yourself. Expecting a standard on how people treat you also applies to how you treat others.

For the most part, your view on what your loved ones deserve will change alongside your view on what you deserve. Knowing what you’re worth is important not only for yourself but for your relationships, too.

Perfect the Art of Knowing Your Self Worth Today

Knowing your self worth is important in building strong and healthy relationships. With the knowledge of what you deserve, you’ll set up healthy boundaries and lead a healthier life. Get to know yourself and strengthen your relationships today!

Are you ready to take the first step in loving yourself? Contact us here and we’ll help you through the process. Take the first step and start knowing what you’re worth now.

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