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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Stress Management

Whether it’s because of pressure at work or frustration at home, stress is one of the conditions that affects Americans the most.

Unfortunately, this can lead to a whole host of associated problems, including high blood pressure, insomnia, heartburn, panic attacks, anxiety, and other physical and/or mental health issues. In fact, stress can have significant effects on a number of tissues, organs, and systems. Stress factors may affect one’s mental and physical health without the person’s being aware of it. For these reasons, it is important to learn how to positively encounter and deal with stress.

At Blair Wellness Group, our goal is to offer you a variety of options for stress management. We utilize a personal approach to helping clients manage their stress levels in ways that work best for them as individuals. We understand how difficult it is to live with stress in daily life. The good news is that we are here to help you get the help you need!

While most people are familiar with the outward signs of stress, feeling of being out of control, uncertainty as to what to do or not do, and a rush of thoughts and feelings coming all together, what most people are not aware of is the complexity of the responses and reactions that are associated with stress.

To begin with, however, it is first important to point out that there are two main forms of stress: good stress and bad stress. Good stress, also called “eustress,” is the critical factor behind focus, energy, motivation, and the desire to perform well. This kind of stress we all want and need to be sure that we do well at the variety of tasks that we might undertake. Eustress helps us to do the best that we can.

On the other hand, there is bad stress. This is the kind of stress that we associate with tension, anxiety, discomfort, feelings of being unbalanced, and various levels of a kind of frightening uncertainty. However, it is necessary to realize that one kind of stress does not categorically rule out the other kind of stress. In regard to some upcoming event, for example, one can stay awake at night planning how best to perform the task to have the desired results and effects. This is eustress, good stress. However, if that “spills over” and becomes a kind of morbid reiteration of the possibilities for failure and bad performance, it is becoming bad stress. Good stress contributes the improving the quality of our performance of tasks, but bad stress diminishes our capability to perform well by reducing focus and attention, substituting generalized fears for directed thinking things out in advance and planning, and replaces “this is what I can do” with “what ifs,” replacing determining how best to do something with a number of possible things that might go wrong.

Additionally, it is important to realize that there is a difference between stressors and stress itself. Stressors are circumstances, things, people, events, and situations in which one feels the possibility of some kind of incipient threat or challenge. Stress is what happens to you when you think about the circumstance, thing, people, event, or situation.

That brings us back to the consideration of what stress is, how stress is experienced: Stress is worry, but particularly worry about things we have no or little control over. Stress is anxiety without clear resolution. Stress may be experienced as various forms of physical distress for which there is no clear or direct physical cause, such as headaches, stomach aches, or other aches and pains. Stress may be demonstrated by heart palpitations, sweating, or nervous irritability. The point is that stress, bad stress, has a number of ways to show itself, but also, that it has the effect of drawing one’s attention away from what is important.

Therefore, stress management is the skill to encounter stress as it arises in life and learn to deal with it in a variety of potentially positive ways. That’s where Blair Wellness Group in Beverly Hills comes in. There are a number of strategies which one can learn to use to reduce stress and/or to convert negative stress to positive stress.

Get the Help You Need From a Professional Psychologist

Offering Concierge-Style scheduling, meaning that sessions can be arranged to meet your busy schedule, Dr. Blair, a licensed clinical psychologist, provides unique combinations of therapies and treatments to develop skills in stress management. Because many of the people who visit Blair Wellness Center are busy professionals who don’t have time for years of therapy, Dr. Blair’s approach is designed to get results quickly. That’s why we offer evening and weekend appointments for our patients upon request.

When you visit Dr. Blair, you’ll find that her approach focuses on the whole person. Ultimately, you deserve to live a life that’s happy, healthy, and balanced. Will all of your stress disappear automatically? No. But, you will find that having a healthy approach to dealing with the stress as it occurs can make an important positive difference in your life.

Additionally, because many of our clients wish to avoid having insurance or other records of their visits, we’re happy to offer concierge-style care with cash-pay. This facilitates you getting the knowledge you need to manage your stress in a positive way.

Stress can cause long lasting damage, so whether it’s a difficult situation at work or a trying time at home, you deserve to get the help you need. No one is immune to stress, and it won’t go away on its own. Now is the time to reach out to a professional psychologist to get the help you need.

Are you ready to schedule an appointment? Click here to contact us today to schedule a time that works for you. We look forward to meeting with you! Blair Wellness Group offers evaluation, assessment, therapy, counseling, and other psychology-related services in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Westwood, West Hollywood, Century City, and the greater Los Angeles area. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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