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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist | PSY 22022

Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Staying Sober During Covid-19 and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Covid-19, the novel Coronavirus pandemic, has disrupted the lives of countless individuals and communities worldwide. The effects have been so widespread, so catastrophic, that things can seem hopeless at times. What’s more, 2020 has seen a host of other challenges and changes that have made it extremely difficult to find any sort of rhythm or continuity in life. 

For those faced with addiction and substance abuse trouble, staying sober during the Coronavirus has become particularly difficult. Not only do folks face the added stressors of a global pandemic, social distancing, and economic hardships, but the closure of community support groups has been the cause of many to feel isolated with nowhere to turn. 

In today’s blog by the Blair Wellness Group, we’ll highlight several strategies you can use to practice sobriety during this unprecedented season. After that, we’ll remind our readers of the benefits of choosing Dr. Cassidy Blair as your Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Beverly Hills. 

Feeling Alone & Isolated

Over the past months, something many of us have been dealing with is feeling alone and isolated. While social distancing is a necessary measure to combat the spread of Covid-19, it’s not without negative consequences. Perhaps you are not altogether alone either; domestic violence has become more prevalent during this time, and it’s natural to feel trapped when self-quarantining with someone who might abuse you if you say or do the “wrong” thing. 

For folks who have lost sobriety support groups, formal or informal, it can be an especially trying time. Some good news is that with technology, we aren’t as alone as we might have been just decades ago. The internet, social media, and smartphones allow us to stay connected with those who can keep us accountable and on-track for staying sober. 

For individuals in recovery, there are 24-hour resources and one-on-one therapy sessions available to you; it’s simply a matter of making the decision to utilize them. Use video chat for face-to-face, intimate conversations with a sponsor or support person to help you stay grounded.

Being Bored

Another feeling you might have encountered already is that of boredom. Perhaps you have more time to yourself than you ever thought humanly possible. Whether it’s because you are now working from home, unemployed, or aren’t able to get out and be social due to social distancing, the net effect is that you find yourself at home, twiddling your thumbs. 

Rather than letting those idle hands become the devil’s playground, we recommend establishing a routine. Because boredom typically stems from not having anything to do, you will need to be intentional about planning your day in advance. This can be done by planning out your day the night before, or planning out your entire week out. 

You want to designate times for doing certain activities, being mindful of when you might feel most “tempted” to lose your sobriety. It is during these times that we would advise you plan on doing your favorite activities, whether it be video chatting with an old friend, listening to music, cooking, or doing something else that captivates your attention. 

However, it might be fair to say that these types of distractions might not work forever. There’s only so long you can clean your house, cook, or watch TV. That’s why we’d also recommend you consider learning a new hobby to challenge yourself and grow as a person. It’s simply not enough to try to stave off bad habits and addictions; you have to replace the void with something positive, beautiful, and healthy. Whether you learn how to woodwork, play a new instrument, or garden, try replacing the unhealthy with the healthy and watch what happens!

Stressed & Afraid

There are no two ways about it, there is plenty to be stressed and afraid about. It might be health and safety, job loss, or even societal issues at large. While you might not be able to control those external issues, you do have the power to control how you respond to them. 

Understand that using makes none of those issues go away. In fact, it often makes personal problems and the stress they’ve caused much worse in the long run. Attempt to address stress in a positive, growth-minded way. While clinical therapy is effective in its own right, it’s not the only tool at your disposal. Consider exercise, meditation, improved nutrition, and staying connected socially to help combat the stress and fear you feel. 

Spotlight: Dr. Blair

A renowned clinical psychologist based in Beverly Hills, Dr. Cassidy Blair is deeply committed to guiding her clients through myriad difficulties, conditions, and seasons of life. From business and executive coaching to addiction therapy and other treatment, Dr. Blair is renowned for her ability to apply her knowledge and experience to any client’s unique situation. 

At Blair Wellness Group, we offer a concierge-style approach to emotional well-being by focusing on the whole person rather than only the condition or “problem.” We do this by starting at the molecular level, creating cellular memories, forming new neural pathways, which lead to positive thoughts, behaviors, and outcomes! 


We are proud to offer teletherapy and telephone services to help make the lives of our clients both easier and safer. Blair Wellness Group is well-known for our concierge services, which means our patients can schedule treatment at a time that works best for them; seven days a week!

If you’ve been searching for virtual therapy, e-therapy, or online therapy during Covid-19, Blair Wellness Group might be the best option for you. We understand that our patients are busy, so we tailor our schedule as best we can to make your day smooth and safe. We also know that many of our patients need time-sensitive interventions from a professional therapist. This is exactly why our teletherapy services are so effective. 

Receiving impactful care is possible even during a pandemic. Whether you’ve been struggling with sobriety during Coronavirus or you are looking for guidance, treatment, or support of another kind, Dr. Cassidy Blair and the staff at Blair Wellness Group are here for you with professional care in Beverly Hills.   
Schedule an appointment with us at your earliest convenience. We’d love to hear from you and provide you with the support your situation requires.

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