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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Love Addiction

Addiction is a mental health disorder that involves engaging in a rewarding stimulus despite adverse consequences. Addiction can refer to things such as food, drugs, or alcohol, but it can also refer to behaviors such as gambling or engaging in social media. Although the concept of “love addiction” may not actually harbor all of the characteristics of a true addiction, it is still a psychological compulsion that involves biochemical reactions in the brain. And, not unlike other addictions, love addiction often manifests in response to unresolved issues with oneself and one’s past. 

Love is a wonderful thing, but it can also be complicated. If the object of your affection is causing you pain and sadness or, if your relationship is causing you to ignore other important aspects of your life such as your job, family, or social life, then it’s important to seek help. At Blair Wellness Group in Beverly Hills, we specialize in addiction, depression, relationship problems, and instances where all three of these come together to negatively impact a person’s mental and emotional wellbeing. To get your life back on track and stop the cycle of love addiction, we encourage you to contact us for love addiction treatment in Los Angeles. 


What is Love Addiction


Just as someone with an alcohol addiction will continue to engage despite negative consequences, a person with a love addiction will continue to make their partner a priority even when it is negatively impacting their life or their partner pulls away. When the desirable feelings of love activate the brain and cause the production of feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin, it can cause a person to want more of those feelings —and sometimes they are willing to do just about whatever it takes to make that happen. Love addicts become enamored with the positive feelings they get as well as the possibility of having the perfect relationship that will provide them with those feelings long-term. Unfortunately, this unhealthy or even obsessive relationship can also make someone value another person above themselves and cause them to be blind to any of their flaws. 


Causes of Love Addiction


Love addiction is often rooted in unhealthy childhood relationships that involve parental neglect or inadequate nurturing. If a child’s primary needs for love and validation were not met, it can manifest in adulthood as a longing for the ideal (and often unrealistic) relationship that can fulfill all of the needs that they were denied as a child. Unfortunately, love addicts tend to pair with people who are just the opposite and want to avoid intimacy. This creates an unbalanced and toxic relationship where one person clings to their partner in an effort to get the love and validation they need while the other pushes them away. 


Another potential cause of love addiction is childhood trauma. Besides being neglected or even abandoned, children who are the victims of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse are more likely to seek love and approval from their adult relationships. 


Finally, children who grew up in households where they saw a parent or trusted adult seek out multiple relationships or experience codependency are more likely to engage in those same behaviors as an adult.   


Common Signs of Love Addiction


Love addiction can manifest in many ways, but it’s usually characterized by unhealthy or unrealistic thoughts and behaviors surrounding romance, sexuality, and relationships. Some of the common signs of love addiction include:


  • Tendency to fall in love quickly
  • Losing interest in a relationship after the initial excitement wears off
  • Jumping from one relationship to another
  • Having an unhealthy obsession with another person
  • Feeling depressed whenever you’re away from that person
  • Seeking out a new relationship as soon as one ends


Consequences of Love Addiction


Love addiction can affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life. It’s not just about feeling good or being in love, it’s about the preoccupation with finding someone who can fill the void left by childhood neglect or abuse. Each time a relationship ends, it only fuels the pre-existing feelings of rejection, being unlovable, and ultimately feeling as though you just don’t matter. In addition to these painful emotions, love addiction can come with many other potential consequences including:


  • Loss of identity
  • Guilt and shame 
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Increased risk of drug or alcohol addiction
  • Social isolation in order to focus on a romantic relationship
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Changing oneself to suit the likes or needs of another
  • Pathological obsession that can lead to violent acts   

Treatment For Love Addiction


Love addiction is a complex problem that can affect mental, physical, and emotional health. Although there are steps you can take to try to change your feelings and behavior, like other forms of addiction, success usually relies on professional intervention. Seeking help from a licensed therapist for love addiction treatment is the best way to understand your challenges, address past problems with neglect, learn how to set boundaries, and develop realistic expectations for your future relationships.  


Love Addiction Treatment in Beverly Hills


Breaking the devastating cycle of love addiction requires deep introspection and a resolute commitment to yourself. When you finally learn that you are the only person who can fill the void inside, your need to constantly seek out new relationships will fade. However, finding everything you need within yourself is easier said than done — especially when you have looked to others to determine your self-worth. That’s why it’s important to get the help and support you need from a therapist who is dedicated to your wellbeing. 


At Blair Wellness Group, we understand that it can be difficult to break old habits or commit to change — especially when they relate to matters that are close to the heart. As a patient of Dr. Blair, you’ll receive the support and guidance you need to live a happier and more fulfilled life through personalized treatment sessions that take place in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment. Make a change for the better — contact us today at 310-999-4996 to schedule an appointment. We welcome clients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Malibu, West Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.    

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