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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Bipolar Disorder

Are you concerned that someone you know or love may need Beverly Hills counseling for bipolar disorder? Bipolar disorder is more than just going through a cycle of a lot of ups and downs, and it often coexists with anxiety disorders that require treatment. The presence of the anxiety disorder can make the bipolar disorder worse, or vice versa.

Beverly Hills Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of extreme mania (when the person is elated, highly energized and easily irritated) and extreme depression (when the person is sad, indifferent, listless, or hopeless). Often the manic episodes consist of a variety of tasks or projects getting started without being completed. Let’s delve a little further into bipolar disorder with the help of one of the best psychologists in Los Angeles.

Typical behaviors of anxiety disorders are:

  • Bipolar I Disorder: This is defined by manic episodes lasting seven days or more in duration. Often, depressive episodes also occur at this time, sometimes lasting two weeks or more. The manic episodes can be so severe that they require hospitalization so that the person suffering from them doesn’t hurt themselves or anyone else around them. The manic episodes are so intense that they can cause a break from reality, or psychosis, in some cases. 
  • Bipolar II Disorder: This is also defined by similar episodes of mania and depression as occur in bipolar I, but with less severity and intensity. The episodes do persist, but may only last for a day or two and symptoms often do not require hospitalization. It is still a very scary mental health condition, however it is not as severe as Bipolar I. Individuals who suffer from Bipolar II are also more likely to experience longer depressive periods, and sometimes, more intense ones, which can cause impairment in their daily lives.
  • Cyclothymic Disorder: This particular expression of bipolar disorder is characterized by periods of mania and periods of depression lasting for at least 2 years (or 1 year if the sufferer is an adolescent or a child) and are induced by drugs used for treatment for a different condition (the bipolar disorder is essentially a side effect). The symptoms in these cases are generally not as severe and in fact do not fully meet the requirements for a manic or hypomanic (less severe mania), or depressive episodes characteristic of Bipolar I or II. 
So what does this all mean, exactly? Bipolar disorder is a diagnosable mental illness, so it goes a little further than simply being “hyper” or “amped up” or “down”. Your best psychologist in Los Angeles can help you further with a solid diagnosis. People who suffer from bipolar disorder often experience delusions, hallucinations, and feelings of being on top of the world or invincible. It is treatable with counseling services, medications and other therapies.
Bipolar patients have been known to exhibit wildly inappropriate behaviors during manic periods, such as jumping off the tops of buildings because they think that they can fly, stealing TVs or cars, robbing banks, and the like. Beverly Hills counseling services can help. Often the bipolar person doesn’t even have a conscious understanding of what they’re doing, or an ability to recall it afterwards. It is utterly exhausting.

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Bipolar patients often feel that they get a lot done during their manic episodes, but because they lack the focus to concentrate on a single task at a time, they often get a lot of things started, but not finished. Their attention span is erratic and they lack the ability to apply their energy in a fashion conducive to completing tasks or projects. This can lead to a pretty disheartening crash when the manic period subsides and they look around at everything that actually didn’t get done.
Depressive periods are similarly characterized. During depressive periods, the person is withdrawn, antisocial, and often, simply sleeps all the time. Depressive episodes can wipe out the person suffering from bipolar disorder so much that they sleep for days on end. It can be frightening to witness this as the bipolar patient is so out of touch with reality that it can be almost impossible to wake or rouse them. This can lead to a terrifying experience, especially if a child is trying to wake their parent or guardian and is unable to. Untreated bipolar disorder can be very worrisome, which is why we always recommend that you see the best psychologist in Los Angeles for treatment.
All is not lost for bipolar patients, however. With a carefully regulated regimen of psychoactive medications, counseling services, anxiety treatment, and other therapies, people with bipolar disorder can learn to become functional, useful members of society. They can function normally. They can eat and sleep and work like anyone else.
One important thing to remember about bipolar disorder is that, like cancer or diabetes, it is a recognized medical illness. It can be easy to be dismissive about mental illness, to write it off as being “all in their head”. While that’s largely true, it doesn’t make it any less valid. Dr. Blair offers Beverly Hills counseling services to any patients concerned that they might be suffering from bipolar disorder, and it’s important that you know that this isn’t your fault. You’re not a bad person. This is an illness and like any illness, it requires treatment. You can find treatment at the best psychologist in Los Angeles, Blair Wellness Group.

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