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Dr. Cassidy Blair, Psy.D.

Acute Stress Disorder

Have you witnessed or experienced a traumatic or disturbing event firsthand? If so, it is possible that you may have or will develop Acute Stress Disorder.

People with this disorder can experience debilitating physical and psychological symptoms that prevent them from living their life to its fullest. 

At Blair Wellness Group of Beverly Hills, we offer anxiety therapy to help people cope and recover from all varieties of anxiety disorders including agoraphobia, panic disorder, general anxiety, and acute stress disorder. If your symptoms have you living in fear or are causing problems with your mood, changes in sleep patterns, or distressing physical manifestations such as heart palpitations, it’s important to get the help you need.  

Causes of Acute Stress Disorder

People who develop acute stress disorder do so after being part of or witnessing a terrifying event. Such events may include:

  • Death or serious injury
  • Physical or sexual assault
  • Natural disasters such as earthquakes or fires
  • Sudden death of a loved one
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Terminal diagnosis of a loved one or self

Not everyone will develop Acute Stress Disorder after a traumatic event, but for those who have previously experienced a traumatic event or have a history of other mental healthz disorders, the risk of developing ASD could be higher.

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Symptoms of Acute Stress Disorder

People who have Acute Stress Disorder can suffer from a variety of symptoms that fall into one of five categories.

Arousal Symptoms

These symptoms include mood swings, irritability, inability to focus, and difficulty sleeping. 

Avoidance Symptoms

In order to avoid anything associated with the terrifying event, people will tend to stay away from the people, places, and feelings that remind them of the trauma that they endured.

Dissociative Symptoms

These symptoms include a sense of being detached from yourself and your emotions, the inability to remember certain events or people, and the general feeling of being in a daze.

Negative Mood Symptoms

These symptoms can have a profound impact on your quality of life. People who experience them suffer from sadness, a low mood, and the inability to experience positive feelings such as happiness.

Intrusion Symptoms

These symptoms can be terrifying as they cause the person to experience recurrent flashbacks and even nightmares about the event. 

In addition to these five categories, people may also suffer physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pain, difficulty breathing, nausea, stomach pain, and sweating. 

Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD

Acute Stress Disorder is nearly identical to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in its causes and symptoms. The main point of differentiation is that PTSD is considered to be a long-term condition. While some people with ASD will go on to develop PTSD, treatment and counseling from a licensed clinical psychologist can help to reduce the risk and increase the chances of making a full recovery. 

Acute Stress Disorder Treatment Beverly Hills

At Blair Wellness Group of Beverly Hills, we offer comprehensive and effective treatment and anxiety therapy for those who are suffering from Acute Stress Disorder, Panic disorder, General Anxiety, and more. Our convenient concierge-style of treatment lets our clients direct pay for services and make appointments on an as-needed basis, including evenings and weekends.

Get the anxiety therapy you need in a way that’s most convenient for you with our in-person, telephone, teletherapy, or virtual sessions. Call today to schedule an appointment. We serve clients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Century City, Westwood, Brentwood, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and the surrounding area.     

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